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Thermostats & Zone control


your energy bills
by 10-30%

If you are reading this section, it means you understand how important this part of your heating and air conditioning systems is. This is your assistant, sort of a translator who will help explain to the air conditioner your wishes, when and what the air conditioning system should do, and in what room you need a warmer climate and where you want more cooling. It can also adapt to the climate occurrences, watching your habits and routine daily.
Want to find out another way to reduce your energy bills? Using modern thermostats and control systems, you can achieve perfect comfort in the place of your home and at a time when it is needed, also reducing your energy bills by 10-30%.
By purchasing a modern management system, you gain more mobility and control in your home, you can monitor the work of your air conditioning unit and control it wherever you are at any time with your smartphone or laptop. Turning to us, you get a free full consultation to know exactly what you need worked on.
But there are so many different types, shapes and functions! Let’s try to explain in simple terms what the difference is. There are two types of thermostats – manual and programmable.
Manual thermostats are the simplest form. You most likely see them being used in old homes. They have very limited functions. The advantages of this solution include ease of management and price. Achieving energy from them is almost impossible.
Programmable thermostats can be divided into two types of operation: programmable by hand and programmable by self-learning. They can automatically adjust the temperature during the day, switch between heating and cooling modes during seasonal transitions, and you can manage them through a smart phone or laptop. Such management systems can save you up to 33% of energy, respectively, to reduce your bills. Each year there are more and more new thermostats, which are able to give you more comfort, mobility, and ease of management. We listen to our clients’ needs in order to find out which thermostat system will work best for their personal interest, whether they want a thermostat that controls the climate on its own, or whether they want a thermostat that is functional via manual operation. Call us or send us a request and you will receive a free full consultation with our experienced professionals, providing you with the best solution to suit your preference and budget.

Zone control

should we spend
excess energy, thus wasting
excess money?

Have you ever noticed that almost every house there is a room or several rooms that are not used regularly? Such examples are guest bedrooms, offices, or cinemas. Regular heating and air conditioning systems work throughout the entire house – every day. So why should we spend excess energy that is wasted in rooms we rarely use, thus wasting excess money to energy companies?
Are you not irritated when in various rooms of your home, different temperatures fluctuate at different times of the day? For example, sometimes in the living room it is cool in the morning but in the evening it becomes too hot, despite the fact that temperature has been set on the thermostat to be the same. This is a natural occurrence when you do not have a system of zone control. During the day, the same room has a different thermal balance from the various directions the sun shines into the home, and also the activities of people as well as other factors. You need a system to where it regulates how much cold air needs to come into the atmosphere and how much hot air needs to enter the atmosphere, thus regulating temperature control for optimum comfort throughout the entire home. Therefore, no matter how you try to set up the system, you still will not be able to avoid such problems. The only solution is zoning control. This regulates and controls the heating and air-conditioning in every room.
Zone control advantages:
• Accurate temperature control in each room
• Energy / Environmentally Efficiency
• Save on Cooling & Heating Bills
• Easy-to-Control Comfort Levels
• For Commercial & Residential
Zone control can be installed into brand new air conditioning systems as well old ones that have been used for years.
How does it work?
It is a system of more than one thermostat, electrically connecting to a control panel which operates a number of dampers in your forced air heating/cooling system. Conditioned air is then distributed to various parts of your home as needed for optimum preference.
When you come to us you will receive a free full consultation and evaluation of the zone control system installation cost.

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