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Heating (heat pump)



#1 Rule
we repair all that can be

If you are living in Dallas TX county, you won’t be able live in your house without heating in the winter. And no matter what is installed prior in your home, whether it be the furnace or heat pump, sometimes this equipment requires repair. Whenever you hear alarming strange noises from the furnace or heat pump, and you feel that your heating system is not working properly because it does not turn on or blow cold air, these are obvious signs that you need emergency heating system repair. So you will need heating repair service (furnace or heat pump). For such cases we have provided our 24 hour heating repair program. Please contact us by phone or fill out the form below and our specialists will determine what problems you need to be solved.
Our heating repair company provides all service heating and air solutions.
Due to the professionalism of our technicians and the use of original supplies and special tools, we provide excellent high quality service repair. Our #1 Rule and priority is that we repair all that can be repaired. We offer a replacement unit to the customer only when the cost of damage is comparable with the cost of a new unit.


HEATING service

care about
saving money
on costly repairs

If you are looking for a heating system service – you are on the right path. It is very important for us to correct all problems for the long-term operation of your central heating system. When taking care of your heating and AC system you not only care about your comfort and health, you care about saving money on costly repairs or replacements. According to statistics, most of the damage of heating and air conditioning equipment is due to lack of maintenance and service. By making heating system service today, you’ll be sure that it will not give up on you in the most unfitting moment.


HEATING replacement

we will do it
with minimum

Is your furnace or heat pump broken or non-repairable? Air conditioning and heating repair costing you too much? It is outdated and creates big energy bills? It’s time for a heating system replacement. By calling us today, an experienced specialist will come out and help you determine what needs to be replaced, and which parts can still be used. Replacement is usually troublesome, but we will do it for you as quickly as possible and with minimum inconvenience. We always clean up after ourselves where the work was carried out. After the work is carried out, congratulations! You get a new, energy-efficient and reliable system that will provide you and your family comfort, tranquility and savings.


HEATING new installation

How much does
air conditioner
installation cost?

Everyone who is faced with the need to install a heating and cooling system has to decide a few questions for themselves:
1. What type of heating system should I choose?
2. Do I need more efficient heating?
3. Do I want it to regulate each room, or not?
4. Do I want an enhanced air filtration system?
And so on…
If you do not have experience with these types of things, it will be hard to find the answers to these questions.
By contacting us, we will give you a free estimate and our experienced specialist will help you to choose a new system just for you!
At the same time, we will always care about you saving money. We will offer you a solution that will provide you the
best quality and comfort within your budget.
Our experts will make all the necessary calculations. Calculating the required cooling capacity and heating, calculating the correct air speed to ensure absolute comfort in every room of your home, and make the necessary drawings of your system. Also, we will take care of your agreement and consult with any construction company in all aspects, whether at the time your home is getting something refurbished such as a new roof or even if it is a new home being built. We will consult with that construction company as to what we are working on during the time of the entire process between all projects theirs and ours.

our rates
at the most reasonable

When choosing a contractor please think about whether you need the best known contractor or the cheapest contractor. Always think about the median. You need someone who can do all of the work that is necessary to its full extent, but at the same time, keeping it at a reasonable price for your budget. This is what we do, we do everything that we can do to make your heating system work 100% and at the same time, we keep our rates at the most reasonable prices to fit your budget, making you happy at the end of the day.
All our technicians are EPA-certified, have many years of experience, and are constantly improving their skills. Our company is liable for anything that may or may not go wrong with any current project, there is no need to worry about what could occur during a job, it is insured.


HEATING thermostat and control

saving power
and money

Thermostat – seemingly such a simple little thing you have on your wall. But this is a very important piece to your heating and air conditioning systems. Want to find out another way to reduce your energy bills? Using modern thermostats and control systems, you can achieve perfect comfort in every small corner of your home, any time of day. It also will reduce your energy bills by 10-30%. In recent years, control system technology has made a big leap forward. They are not only programmed by time and day of the week, but they also come with self-functionality. They keep track of your preferences and can foresee your needs, such as saving power and money by reducing consumption when you are out of the house. By purchasing a modern management system, you get more mobility and control; you can monitor the actions of your air conditioning system control it wherever you are at any time with your smartphone or laptop. Our experts know all about modern management systems. Turning to us, you get a free full consultation to know exactly what you need worked on.

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