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Air quality

the best
solution is to check
your air conditioning

Why it is important to keep air-conditioning and heating duct clean?
All of us like to walk in the street, in the park, breathe fresh and clean air. An adult per day requires about 130 gallons of air, which is approximately 23 thousand breaths. One gallon of air in the average household is up to 1.5 million dust particles. Therefore, up to 50% of the immune system capability is consumed for neutralization and elimination of dust antigens entering the body.
According to data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), indoor air is 4-6 times dirtier than outdoor air and 8-10 times more toxic. Prolonged exposure in areas with dirty air causes allergies, loss of immunity, constant weakness, headaches and other diseases.
And did you know that dirty ventilation and air conditioning systems are the ideal conditions for the life of pathogenic flora – optimum humidity and temperature contributes to their rapid growth and reproduction.
That is why it is important to keep air-conditioning and heating duct clean. If you care about your health and that of your loved ones the best solution is to check the purity your air conditioning and heating, and to clean ducts, replace the filters if necessary, and install air purification systems.

Filters & Air Purifiers

help you find
the necessary air
purification system

Clean air is an important factor before entering a house. Proper and well cleaned air assist technology is required in hospitals and facilities around the world for maximum air purification, why not have your home as clean and filtered as the air inside a hospital or any other serious facility?
There are such kinds of central air purification systems:
• Air Purifiers – Capture up to 97% of particles missed, removes airborne particles & allergens;
• HEPA Air Purifiers – High-efficiency HEPA filter rated at 99.97% efficiency against 0.3 micron particles;
• UV Lamps – Helps control the formation of mold & bacteria, plus odors from cooking, pets or smokers.
Contact us today, you will receive a free full consultation and our experienced staff will help you find the necessary air purification system just for you. If you already have air purification system, it will be needed – “air quality service”. ‘Indoor air quality’ is service which produces a certain kind of work associated with the replacement of filter components, replacement of bactericidal lamps and humidifier repair.

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